Incorporate God

How to Incorporate God in Your Daily Life

Nowadays, we have so much to deal with in our adult lives. We have to work on our professional life, have to strengthen our family ties, have to reserve some time for our social life. It can be hard to find some time to spend on the spiritual part of our lives.


But incorporating God into our daily lives shouldn’t be too difficult. With the number of responsibilities we have to pay attention to, it’s perfectly understandable that some of us don’t really have time to go visit the church to pray or even open the Holy Bible and read once a day.


But, these aren’t the only ways we can incorporate God in our hectic schedule. Other than going to church and reading Bible verses, you can make sure God is in your life each day by:


Saying a little prayer of grace before or after meals.
Giving grace shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Just say a short prayer of gratitude for the food on the table and that would be more than enough.


Appreciating the little, everyday blessings that come your way.

Blessings don’t always come in big sizes, they aren’t always in the form of getting a huge pay increase or winning the lottery. It can be as simple as your kids being able to get to school safe, the weather is lovely, or you not being stuck in traffic on your way to work. You can thank God for these little things, too.


Making it a habit to help others.

Help doesn’t always need to be big donations made to the charity or sponsoring a child’s education. It can be as simple as helping an old lady with her bags or helping an overwhelmed co-worker with their job. My friend from carpet cleaning Airdrie makes a point to do this everyday by wearing a “good deed” reminder bracelet. Godliness comes in many forms, and you being helpful without expecting anything in return can just be one of the many ways you can include God in your life.


Practice forgiveness.

This is easier said than done, but if you start to practice giving forgiveness every day, you can make it a habit. Try to let go of little things or simple misdeeds others have done to you such as being rude. Don’t hold grudges and forgive them instead.


Be kind.

Being kind as often as you can is one of the best ways you can live God’s way. You can be kind every day by not engaging in gossiping, or trying to understand other people as much as you can. You can also practice kindness by being more considerate and sensitive to other people’s feelings.


The Gifts That God Has Given Us

There is no doubt that many of us take life for granted. There are a lot of good things that we get to experience in our life on Earth. There is no room for boredom or dissatisfaction in our life when everything goes our way. Well, do you ever think of who is this person who is giving you all the happiness and the good things in life? Well, only a few of us think about this. It is only when we face difficulties and troubles in our life that we look to seek the attention of God and fall at his feet to help us.


Worship the ultimate force

You need to believe that life is not what you make of it. The life that you are living on the earth is provided by God and he is the force that offers you different experiences of life, both the good and the bad phase. Our job is only to experience the life that God has given us. He is the force behind this world and we need to experience God through our lives. There is a right and a wrong way to experience God and we need to know both the ways. You need to experience bad things in life in order to know that the good things are better. If we always experience good things, then there is no way we will be able to learn from our mistakes and do not repeat the mistakes.

The Gifts of God

  •         Sharing Life

It is hard to imagine a world without anyone for a company. There is no doubt that it would really suck and you would feel lonely. Hence, humans need one another and this is why God has created a world full of humans so that we share our life with others.

  •         Creativity

God has given us enough and more powers and we need to create our experience. Our lives are what we make of it and we are the ones who chose what we want to be. God has instilled the power to solve all kinds of problem and this is why we are fully functioning species on Earth.

  •         Laughter and Pain

These are pure gifts from God that we need to embrace. You will find pain to be invincible until you come across laughter. Both of them cannot live without one another.

  •         Faith

We need to have faith as this is one of the easiest ways to see and believe in God. Faith is a universal thing.



Know Your Purpose In Life Through God

Whenever we think about finding the purpose in life, we always think about it in terms of a circumstance or a destination. Many might have a purpose in life to become a breadwinner for the family. Many would be looking to become a superstar and there are others looking to become a minister or a teacher. But, these are the most important purpose in life and these are just the callings that you are looking to make over your lifetime. There are many different purposes that you will want to achieve in life at different stages. But, having a purpose in God should be the most driving force in our life.


  •         Finding out why we were born

There is a lot of time that we spend in our lives thinking as to why we were born and put on this earth. This is a reality. There are many who read books and look for other resources online to find the answer to this question. Many people believe that once they know the purpose of their birth in this world, they will become a complete person. We are all looking at some future outcome to be happy. The best option for everyone is to understand that we have a purpose in God. The reality is that we do not have to look out for the purpose as the purpose is already there and that is to invest time in God. We are all God’s children and hence we need to look at the world through the eyes of God. The Almighty has the love for each and every one of us and our purpose should be a reflection of His Love. I have a friend who was doing carpet cleaning in Cochrane, But after much self reflection, he realized his calling was to become a pastor at his local church. 

  •         Love God

When Jesus Christ was asked by the disciplines about his greatest commandment, he said that it is to love God with his heart, strength, and soul. He also said that one should love his neighbor like oneself. This is the message of God to us and we need to follow this message to find out the purpose of our life. We need to embrace God and to abide with Him. We should express God’s love for others through us and this way we are making God happy. There is no need for you to change the very moment in order to fulfill the purpose of God in your life. You just need to be who you are and just love all those around you.


Know The Truths About Yourself

There is plenty of hidden truth in you that you need to realize and understand. By knowing your hidden truth, you will become a better man and also start to love the world and the things around you than before.

  •         You are looked after

There is no denying that God loves all his children, even those who sin. He loves you and you need to understand it. There is no way he will be showing his love for you in the open, but understand that he has his hands on your head and is blessing you all the way. The feeling that you are loved and cared by god will do a world of good for you. There is nothing that you can do in order to make God love you more than the current love that he is showering on you. Also, you should be mindful that there is nothing that you do that will make the God love you less.


  •         You will find fulfillment only in you

There is a constant desire in us to find out the person, place or thing that will make us happier. You are always behind what would be satisfying to your heart. There is nothing in this world that can offer you true goodness like how you can. You will find fulfillment in life only in you and not in any other person. You need to have a relationship with Christ in order to be happy and joyful. You need to see God in every good person, place or thing that you see around you.

  •         God is always with you

No matter you are heartbroken or sick or alone or abandoned by your family or friends, you should have the belief that God is there with you. Install a feeling in you that God will never give up on you, even if your close family members do not support you. He is the one who will faithfully lead you and guide you through your life and provide you with the strength as you move on in life.

  •         No place for devil

You need to throw away the devil inside you as he wants you to sin, steal, lie, destroy and kill. You need to throw out the devil in you and only believe in God. There are no crocked and easy ways to fame and you need to strive hard in order to achieve it.


How Should You Pray To God?

There is no doubt that praying is an important thing in life. Everyone would be praying to God for one reason or the other. But, the main thing is that no two people will be praying the same way and the same thing. There are many who would like to pray sitting in a silent corner or would converse with God while attending mass. If you thought that prayer will help you to achieve something spectacular and get what you wanted, then this is a wrong notion. A prayer is just believed to establish a communication with God. It is something that we take for granted that our prayers are heard by God and will be fulfilled by him.


  •         Seeking God

I have been taught that God loves all his children, but there is no proof for that. If you are running behind this proof, then you are just wasting your time. You just need to believe in God and do not have to wait for any sign or proof or get to know what God has planned for you. There is no way you will be able to feel God and you just need to imagine that he is with you always. You would encounter some good feelings in your mind and heart and this will make you feel as if God is with you. There are times when you might feel discouraged and disappointed. This does not mean that God is not there with you. All you need to be is a faithful follower of God and believe that he can turn things for you. All that you need to know is that you can face your doubts without any inhibitions and feel that God is always beside you, both during the good and the bad times.

  •         Pray normally

There is no proof that intense and hard praying will only yield good and positive results. Also, there is nothing to believe that God will only listen to his believers who pray loudly. It is better to pray in silence and try to connect with the omnipresent God. Believe that he is there with you when you are praying deeply and share all your thoughts and issues with him. You will feel blessed and in better shape of mind after a serious and good silence prayer. You should never let other distractions disturb you when you are in deep prayer and even the smallest of your prayers is a big offering to Him.