About Us

We are glad that you have visited our blog. This is a place where we share everything that we read and learn about God. Everyone enjoys reading the Bible. There are a few who love to study the Bible and many who love to read about the various deeds of the Lord Jesus through blogs. We have created this blog site to inform you about the contents that are carried in the Old Testament and also about the New Testament. There are plenty of stories to learn and know about the men and women who had entered this world, before us. This is a blog where you get to know about Jesus more and also get to know how his life was.

There are loads and loads of information about God and his creations in this blog and we enjoy sharing the life of God with our readers. You do not have to go anywhere else to know about God. All of us are undergoing some transitions in our life and as times are changing we are also changing. Our main desire has to be to serve the Savior and to know more about God. This is what we are offering in this blog to get to know the God up, close and personal. We will inspire you to pray and to help you seek the right and clear direction in your life from God through this blog. By going through this blog, you will know the God better and also start to share the life of God with others.