How Should You Pray To God?

There is no doubt that praying is an important thing in life. Everyone would be praying to God for one reason or the other. But, the main thing is that no two people will be praying the same way and the same thing. There are many who would like to pray sitting in a silent corner or would converse with God while attending mass. If you thought that prayer will help you to achieve something spectacular and get what you wanted, then this is a wrong notion. A prayer is just believed to establish a communication with God. It is something that we take for granted that our prayers are heard by God and will be fulfilled by him.


  •         Seeking God

I have been taught that God loves all his children, but there is no proof for that. If you are running behind this proof, then you are just wasting your time. You just need to believe in God and do not have to wait for any sign or proof or get to know what God has planned for you. There is no way you will be able to feel God and you just need to imagine that he is with you always. You would encounter some good feelings in your mind and heart and this will make you feel as if God is with you. There are times when you might feel discouraged and disappointed. This does not mean that God is not there with you. All you need to be is a faithful follower of God and believe that he can turn things for you. All that you need to know is that you can face your doubts without any inhibitions and feel that God is always beside you, both during the good and the bad times.

  •         Pray normally

There is no proof that intense and hard praying will only yield good and positive results. Also, there is nothing to believe that God will only listen to his believers who pray loudly. It is better to pray in silence and try to connect with the omnipresent God. Believe that he is there with you when you are praying deeply and share all your thoughts and issues with him. You will feel blessed and in better shape of mind after a serious and good silence prayer. You should never let other distractions disturb you when you are in deep prayer and even the smallest of your prayers is a big offering to Him.

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