Know Your Purpose In Life Through God

Whenever we think about finding the purpose in life, we always think about it in terms of a circumstance or a destination. Many might have a purpose in life to become a breadwinner for the family. Many would be looking to become a superstar and there are others looking to become a minister or a teacher. But, these are the most important purpose in life and these are just the callings that you are looking to make over your lifetime. There are many different purposes that you will want to achieve in life at different stages. But, having a purpose in God should be the most driving force in our life.


  •         Finding out why we were born

There is a lot of time that we spend in our lives thinking as to why we were born and put on this earth. This is a reality. There are many who read books and look for other resources online to find the answer to this question. Many people believe that once they know the purpose of their birth in this world, they will become a complete person. We are all looking at some future outcome to be happy. The best option for everyone is to understand that we have a purpose in God. The reality is that we do not have to look out for the purpose as the purpose is already there and that is to invest time in God. We are all God’s children and hence we need to look at the world through the eyes of God. The Almighty has the love for each and every one of us and our purpose should be a reflection of His Love. I have a friend who was doing carpet cleaning in Cochrane, But after much self reflection, he realized his calling was to become a pastor at his local church. 

  •         Love God

When Jesus Christ was asked by the disciplines about his greatest commandment, he said that it is to love God with his heart, strength, and soul. He also said that one should love his neighbor like oneself. This is the message of God to us and we need to follow this message to find out the purpose of our life. We need to embrace God and to abide with Him. We should express God’s love for others through us and this way we are making God happy. There is no need for you to change the very moment in order to fulfill the purpose of God in your life. You just need to be who you are and just love all those around you.

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